4 Options You Can Negotiate When Buying New Signal Mountain Home

Are you looking to buy new construction?  Many people are, but just as many aren’t aware that their newly built Signal Mountain home comes with options and add-ons.  In addition, they see a handsome price on new construction and think they’ve stepped into an unbelievable deal, not understanding that the price they’re looking at is for “bare bones.”

Here are just a few of the options and upgrades you might want to have your real estate agent talk about with your chosen builder:

  • Flooring – The “standard” for flooring is cheap carpet and thin padding.  If you’re going for hardwood floors, you also may not get what you envision.  An important thing to keep in mind is that most builders make their money on the upgrades and options.  While they may offer upgrades for high quality flooring, it may actually be cheaper for you to buy it yourself and not through the builder.  Do your research and either have your real estate agent try to negotiate down to a price closer to what it would cost you, or have the builder use the cheapest material possible and ask them not to glue or tack it down.
  • Plumbing and fixtures – Whether you want improvements or additional plumbing and fixtures (such as for a wet bar or a different location for the washer and dryer), these are easier to do before the Signal Mountain real estate is finished.
  • Appliances – Check to see what brand and model the builder expects to use for your appliances.  Most times, your real estate agent can at least negotiate a better model, if not your preferred brand.
  • Doors – Doors, especially interior doors, are usually thin, non-insulated and easily damaged.  Although this may be fine in some areas, other areas may need better quality doors.  This is a definite place for your real estate agent and builder to negotiate.

Make sure you understand your options, upgrade packages and deals for the new Signal Mountain  real estate before signing the contract!

If you’re thinking of buying new construction, let me negotiate the best price, and all the details, for you.  Call me before you start shopping for your new construction at 423-488-1882 or email me at tclose@realtycenter.com for more information.

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