Top Chattanooga REALTORS

Congratulations to all REALTORS in Chattanooga to a great start to 2010. The list below is a list of the top 20 residential REALTORS from 1/1/2010-2/24/2010.

1. Travis Close

2. Doug Lawrence

3. Linda Brock

4. Diane Voss-Wilkins

5. Sue Roberts-Parks

6. Paula McDaniel

7. Linda Moore

8. Gina Ragon

9. Holly Benton

10. Daniel Harkleroad

11. Mark Blazek

12. Grace Edrington

13. Susan Jensen

14. Janine Garland

15. Lynda Perry

16. Judy Ekiss

17. Jan Spencer

18. Pam Gilbertson

19. Laray Gardner

20. Jacque Lyons

This informations is based on Residential sale 1-1-10 – 2-24-10 based on either side and volume. Date pulled from Chattanooga MLS

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