Lupi’s Opening In Ooltewah

By Chloé Morrison –

Local pizza restaurant Lupi’s is adding a fifth location in Ooltewah next year in The Lupton Company’s mixed-use development project.

“I’m as excited for Ooltewah as I am for Lupi’s,” owner Dorris Shober said. “We have wanted to go to Ooltewah for a couple of years, but there was no place to go. So when this came up, I immediately wanted to be involved.”

She already has locations downtown, Hixson, East Brainerd and Cleveland.

According to archives, in January, leaders of The Lupton Company sent a letter to local business owners and entrepreneurs, inviting them to an information session to learn more about the development called Cambridge Square.

The idea was to attract well-established business owners to help create a close-knit feeling of downtown in Ooltewah.

Leaders of The Lupton Company see the new development as “an emerging gateway to the city of Chattanooga,” according to archives.

The design of the development will be “reminiscent of traditional courthouse squares in smaller towns across the United States,” according to Cambridge Square’s website.

It aims to combine community, business, residential and retail, according to the website.

Work on the development is just beginning, Shober said.

“It probably won’t open until late spring next year, sometime next year,” she said. “The buildings haven’t even been built yet.”

Shober was born in Chattanooga, went to school in Atlanta, became a nurse and eventually started Lupi’s with her former husband.

“We recognized a need,” she said. “There was no place to get a slice of pizza and a beer.”

They ate a lot of bad pizza, learned how to create good pizza, developed recipes and decorated themselves. She has been running the businesses for about 11 years now.

She stays in good standing with her bank, which she has developed a strong relationship with over the years to fund her restaurants.

And she said Ooltewah is the perfect place for her next restaurant.

“It was both because of Volkswagen and Amazon going out there, but even before that, the residential population is tremendous,” she said. “And people have been asking us [for a location in Ooltewah].”

Collegedale resident Lisa Kuhlman said via Twitter that she is excited for the new location.

“[I] would be ecstatic to have one in the area,” she said. “My family loves Lupi’s.”

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