Signal Mountain Recreation

Signal Mountain is surrounded by uniquely beautiful natural terrain. An excellent network of hiking trails has been developed to optimize the enjoyment of the area. This network includes the Green Gorge Trail System, the Rainbow Wilderness, and Shackleford Ridge Park. Green Gorge Park encompasses a stream running through a deep gorge and nearly 2 miles of trails. Rainbow Lake and Bee Branch Trail is popular, leading down into the valley to Rainbow Lake. Shackleford Ridge Park Trail runs to Mushroom Rock, a spectacular geological formation, which is on the Cumberland Trail North. This portion of the Cumberland Trail State Park in the Prentice Cooper National Forest allows hikers to enjoy the beauty of the Tennessee River gorge.

 Prentice Cooper State Forest offers 26,000 acres of open space and recreational opportunities, including 13 miles of the Tennessee Cumberland Trail State Park. Over 150 acres in the park have been designated as bike paths.

The Town of Signal Mountain owns approximately 600 acres of land, which is set aside for park and recreational usage. There are 7 horticulture parks, 2 scenic parks, 3 wilderness parks, 8 natural areas, 6 playing fields, 10 tennis courts, 5 playgrounds, a pool, an amphitheater and 2 community centers. The Department of Recreation offers a wide range of activities. There is aerobic exercise, basketball, playgrounds, softball, swimming, baseball, arts and crafts, camping, and tennis.
Hang Glide at Lookout Mountain is America’s largest hang gliding resort and school.
Signal Mountain is home to Signal Mountain Golf and Country Club. It is an 18-hole private course with tree-lined fairways and challenging terrain. The golf course once belonged to the Signal Mountain Inn. At that time the clubhouse served as a dance pavilion and casino. Before the town the settled, the golf course was used for summer grazing by cattle.

Travis Close
1315 Taft Highway
Signal Mountain, Tn 37377

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