TVCC Paddle School In Chattanooga

Have you been wanting to take advantage of all of the local rivers, creeks, and streams in and around Chattanooga? Have you ever thought about kayaking or canoeing? If so but you are not sure where to start there is a class for you. The TVCC Paddle School is a two day course for whitewater and flatwater paddling. Their courses are designed for everyone, from first timers who have never been in a boat to intermediate paddlers looking to improve their skills. All of Their classrooms are on the water so you will get plenty of experience under the supervision of our instructors and support boaters who are excited to share their knowledge and passion for the sport we love with our students. The TVCC Paddle School is based out of the O.A.R. campground near the Ocoee River. There is some rental Equipment available

Paddle School is May 31st- June 2nd

To Register Go Here

TVCC Paddle School

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