Chattanooga: Where we work

Hamilton County’s biggest employers

Chattanooga is home to the nation’s biggest privately owned bakery (McKee Foods), Volkswagen’s only U.S. assembly plant, the world’s biggest disability insurer (Unum), the state’s biggest health insurer (BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee) and the power headquarters for America’s biggest government utility (the Tennessee Valley Authority). Among the Top 10 employers in Hamilton County, five are government owned and two are nonprofit.

1. Hamilton County Public schools: The public school system has 4,489 full-time and 1,586 part-time employees.

2. BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee: The state’s biggest health insurer has 4,337 full-time and 39 part-time employees.

3. Tennessee Valley Authority: The biggest government utility in America, with its power headquarters in Chattanooga, has 4,217 full-time and five part-time employees.

4. Erlanger Health System: The biggest hospital in the region has 3,447 full-time and 416 part-time workers.

5. Memorial Health Care System: The Catholic Health Initiatives hospital has 3,171 full-time and 595 part-time workers.

6. Volkswagen of America: The German car maker has more than 3,000 employees at its Chattanooga assembly plant.

7. McKee Foods Corp.: The maker of Little Debbie snack cakes has 2,950 full-time employees.

8. Unum Corp.: The world’s biggest disability insurer has 2,800 full-time employees at its Chattanooga headquarters.

9. City of Chattanooga: The biggest municipality in the region has 2,274 full-time and 419 part-time employees.

10. Hamilton County government: Local county government, excluding schools, has 1,763 full-time and 179 part-time employees.

Source: Company reports, Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, 2012 Major Employers List

How we get to work
* 83.2 percent, or 129,082 workers in Hamilton County, drive to work alone

* 10.1 percent, or 15,831 workers in Hamilton County, ride with someone else to work

* 2 percent, or 1,483 workers, ride a CARTA bus, take a taxi cab or some other type of public transportation to get to work

* 2 percent, or 4,443 workers, work at home

Source: 2010 census for Hamilton County

Types of jobs we hold
In the six-county Chattanooga metropolitan area at the end of 2012:

* Total employment: 236,700 jobs

* Government: 38,400 jobs

* Manufacturing: 32,700 jobs

* Education and professional services: 31,200 jobs

* Leisure and hospitality: 25,300 jobs

* Retail trade: 25,200 jobs

* Professional and business services: 21,400 jobs

* Financial activities: 16,800 jobs

* Transportation and utilities: 16,200 jobs

* Construction: 9,600 jobs

* Wholesale trade: 7,700 jobs

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Data for December 2012 for metropolitan Chattanooga, which includes Hamilton, Marion and Sequatchie counties in Tennessee and Catoosa, Dade and Walker counties in Georgia.

Biggest banks in the area
Thirty banks in metropolitan Chattanooga, based upon local deposits, share nearly $8.7 billion of deposits. The biggest banks are:

1. First Tennessee Bank, $2 billion

2. SunTrust Bank, $1.6 billion

3. Regions Bank, $1.2 billion

4. CapitalMark Bank & Trust, $482.1 million

5. Northwest Georgia Bank, $400.1 million

6. FSGBank National Association, $366.6 million

7. Cornerstone Community Bank, $324 million

8. First Volunteer Bank, $313.8 million*

9. Citizens Tri-County Bank, $264.5 million

10. The Bank of LaFayette, $207.5 million

* First Volunteer and Gateway Bank, which merged last year.

Source: Deposits as of June 30, 2012 for metropolitan Chattanooga, which includes Hamilton, Marion and Sequatchie counties in Tennessee and Catoosa, Dade and Walker counties in Georgia. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Biggest banks in Cleveland

Fifteen banks in metro Cleveland share nearly $1.6 billion in deposits. The biggest banks in Cleveland, based upon local deposits, are:

1. First Tennessee Bank, $285.6 million

2. BB&T, 279.9 million

3. Regions Bank, $207.2 million

4. Southern Heritage Bank, $194.3 million

5. Bank of Cleveland, $188.6 million

Source: Deposits as of June 30, 2012, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. for metro Cleveland, which includes Bradley and Polk counties.

Biggest banks in Dalton

Fourteen banks in metro Dalton, Ga., share more than $2 billion in deposits. The biggest banks are:

1. BB&T, $433 million

2. Wells Fargo Bank, $382 million

3. Synovus, $176 million

4. First Bank of Dalton, $163.6 million

5. Regions Bank, $158.3 million

Source: Deposits of June 30, 2012. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., for metro Dalton, Ga., which includes Whitfield and Murray counties.

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