Signal Mountain student wins statewide YouTube video contest

Alyssa Neuhoff won first place in the middle school category of the Tennessee Bar Association‘s 2013 YouTube video contest.

Neuhoff won $500 for her video, “There Is No Liberty Without a Fair and Impartial Judiciary.” The contest, offered as part of the national Law Day celebration, was to produce three-minute videos on a topic related to the law.

This year’s theme asked students to reflect on the importance of a fair and impartial judiciary.

Neuhoff was sponsored by Walden Home School, which will also receive $500 for her win.

Additionally, Neuhoff will be invited to attend the TBA‘s annual meeting in Nashville on June 14 and have her winning video shown to leaders of the state’s legal community.

The 2013 contest theme centered on Alexander Hamilton’s premise in Federalist Paper No. 78 that judiciary is “the least dangerous” branch of government because it “has no influence over either the sword or the purse.” Students were challenged to create videos that addressed issues such as why it is important to have a judiciary that is independent of the legislative and executive branches, how this structure strengthens the doctrine of separation of powers and what happens when judges are not impartial.

Winning video:


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