Bike Chattanooga adds a new station on the Riverwalk

The Bike Chattanooga Bicycle Transit System was at the top of the Walnut Street Bridge’s 20th anniversary parade and now has its own reason to celebrate.

The organization will cut the ribbon on its 31st station at the Hubert Fry Center on the Tennessee Riverpark campus this Friday, May 17 at 2:30 p.m.

“We always knew we wanted to extend along the Riverwalk,” said Phil Pugliese, bicycle coordinator for Outdoor Chattanooga. “This station provides a recreational opportunity to explore the Riverwalk, and it’s an added transportation connector.”

Pugliese explained that Chattanoogans who live in areas outside of downtown and are interested in commuting by bike—but can’t easily ride directly from their homes—can use the new station as a halfway point for a more doable daily or weekly ride.

Located 5.2 miles from the High Street station in the Bluff View Art District, the Hubert Fry Center station is located across from the boat ramp at the Tennessee Riverpark’s main pavilion and playground.

The most accessible entrance will be from Amnicola Highway, just before DuPont Parkway and the Chattanooga State Community College entrance.
The station will have 25 docking points.

There are three ways to rent bikes: an annual membership ($75), a UTC student annual membership ($30) and a 24-hour access pass ($6). For the speed demons, all membership or pass options allow access to unlimited station-to-station bike rides lasting less than 60 minutes.

For those who prefer a more leisurely bike ride and take more than 60 minutes for each station-to-station trip, a $5 per half-hour usage fee is applied on top of the membership or pass price.

Pugliese said Bike Chattanooga has plans to continue expanding the fleet of rental city bikes with stations along the Riverwalk as it extends westward to St. Elmo.

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