Dunkin’ Donuts adding new location on Signal Mountain Blvd.

Dunkin’ Donuts is opening a new location at 627 Signal Mountain Blvd., company spokeswoman Jackie Guzman confirmed Tuesday.

The new restaurant is slated to open in early September and will include a drive-through window. The location will be the fourth in the Chattanooga region, joining Dunkin’ Donuts in East Brainerd, Fort Oglethorpe and Hixson.

Soup restaurant wants to return
The Soup Kitchen, a chain of fast-casual soup and salad restaurants, announced plans Tuesday to expand throughout East and Middle Tennessee. The restaurant hopes to re-establish a location in Chattanooga by the end of the year, The Soup Kitchen’s Rick Ford said.

There was a franchised location at the corner of Cherry Street and Seventh Street for nine years, he added, but that closed around 1997.

Fredonia store opens for women
Fredonia-Provisions for Women has opened a boutique at 1421 Market St.

Morgan Griggs, owner of the new Southside clothing store, said the outlet will offer a variety of clothing and accessories “affordable and easily accessible.”


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