Chattanooga Street Food Project’s Event: Pickin’ In the Park

On July 18th Chattanooga Street Food Project brings us their new event, Pickin’ in the Park. The event will start 17:00 and ends 22:00 in EDT.


Photo by: Chattanooga Street Food Project

Bring your guitar, banjo, or just your hands to clap along to celebrate Chattanooga’s food truck community along with local folk musicians for Pickin’ In the Park! All pickers are welcome to join fellow local musicians from Slim Pickens and the Folk School of Chattanooga for good food and good times.

Pickin’ In the Park will feature special menus with local ingredients from many of the trucks in support of Harvested Here Week. On The List Catering & Events will also be on hand with Chattanooga Whiskey beverages for attendees as well.

Dust off your dobro or tune up the fiddle. Just bring your friends, family, and a few bucks for dinner and celebrate the greatness that is Downtown Chattanooga, folk music, and Chattanooga’s food trucks!


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