Area residents can donate to Chattanooga food bank via Bi-Lo registers

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Area residents can help provide healthy meals to local children who don’t have access to enough food by donating at area Bi-Lo registers.

“What is so unique about this campaign is that 100 percent of proceeds go right back into the local communities that we serve,” Bi-Lo spokeswoman Michelle Lisotto said via email.

The Summer Hunger Relief Backpack Program runs through Aug. 13.

All the money goes to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, which serves 22 counties in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama, according to the organization’s website.

Linda McReynolds, vice president of development for the food bank, said that as many as one in three people in this region are “food insecure” and may not know where their next meal will come from.

Many of those are children who rely on school meals, but that isn’t an option during the summer.

When school is in session, principals identify children who might need assistance with meals, and the food bank supplies food sacks for them to take home over the weekend, McReynolds said.

Officials aim to provide healthy items.

In the summer, the food bank does “family sack packs” that area residents can pick up at designated locations.

She also said that Bi-Lo is a major supporter of the food bank, and the area’s 29 regional stores help provide fresh food to many children.

“Bi-Lo recognizes the important role that we and our loyal customers can play in making better, stronger communities for everyone,” Melissa Adams, Bi-Lo Winn-Dixie’s manager of charitable giving, said in a prepared statement. “Every child deserves a nutritious meal and a healthy start to life. The Bi-Lo Summer Backpack Hunger Relief Program provides a simple but critical way for our communities to tackle this critical issue.”


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