Two local techies featured in national publications

On Wednesday, Net magazine featured an article about Daniel Ryan, a local Web developer who is this year’s technologist-in-residence for the Gig Tank.

In April, local leaders announced that Ryan—who was the director of frontend development for President Barack Obama’s 2012 election campaign—would join the Gig Tank team.

The Net magazine question-and-answer-style article covered topics such as getting a hug from the president and what it was like to work for him, as well as information about design and coding.

Click here to read the latest about Gig Tank and its upcoming Demo Day.

Click here to read a Q&A with Ryan.

Popular Mechanics this week also featured local resident George Yu.

Yu, CEO of Variable Inc., invented NODE, which is a wireless sensor that can measure everything from a person’s temperature to dampness in a basement.

Yu and his device have attracted a lot of attention and recognition.

Yu created NODE after spending a couple of years contracting with NASA-Ames and the Department of Homeland Security on mobile devices used for national security purposes, according to archives.

He applied his knowledge of syncing handheld sensors with iPhones and created a platform device that will allow iPhone application developers to create apps that can do various things.

Yu credits CO.LAB for helping him envision commercial applications for his invention, according to archives.

***This is a re-post. Click here for original article.

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