New business offers architectural rendering services


This is an example of a residential rendering that RenDer could provide to a client. (Artist rendering: Contributed)

Architecture and construction veteran Joe Crites has started a new business that will help provide computer-generated imagery for commercial and residential clients to help them visualize their building projects.

“I think it could be a service for anyone thinking about building, remodeling or needing help with some ideas,” he said.

On the commercial side, the business—called RenDer—will provide 2-D, 3-D and color images to help architects, developers or businesspeople understand and see what they are trying to create.

For the residential side of the business, Crites said he can help a client who, for example, wants an addition to their home but isn’t exactly sure how to execute their idea.

“With my architectural and construction background, I can help you come up with design ideas and show a 3-D model,” he said.

He is also offering an additional service that is more uncommon—a traditional physical model of the building project, he said.

“That’s the kind of thing that famous architecture companies do because they can afford it, but a lot of smaller clients can’t afford it,” he said.

The pricing for the physical models will be based on the square feet and complexity of the project and will probably range from $3 to $7 per square foot. Also, as he is building his clientele, there is potential for good deals at the beginning, he said.

The image rendering for residential projects starts at about $1,000, and commercial renderings start at about $1,200, he said.

Originally from Illinois, Crites got his bachelor’s of architecture at the University of Tennessee.

Over the years, he practiced traditional and nontraditional architecture, but he realized he loved the design and rendering aspect of the job most.

“[I wanted] to be more of an artist than anything else,” he said.

***This is a re-post. Click here to see original article.

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