Build Awesome Square Fire Pit in your Backyard

The outdoor area  has a major role during the summer, especially the summer nights when you rather spend your time on an open sky, gathered around with your friends in your backyard. But unlike the summer days, the summer nights are cold and breezy, therefore you’ll need a some source that will provide you with warmth, such as a fire pit.  You can build your own fire pit in your backyard on arealy simple and easy way, it will take a little of your time and it will provide you with warm area in your outdoors. All you ahve to do is sit back and take a look in the below guide. Enjoy!

DIY firepit

This square pit surely looks  modern and beside providing you with warmth and pleasent time, it will also add a nice modern touch to your backyard. So, if you want to gather your friends around a fire in your backyard , just follow the detail tutoiral here, and it will be done in a second.

This is a re-post. Click here to see original article and source.

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