Chattanooga Pangorge Race

This course will involve paddling on the Tennessee River from The Tennessee River Place near Williams Island to The Pot Point House, a 3.5 mile trail run on the Pot Point Nature Trail loop, paddling from the Pot Point House to the Raccoon Mountain boat ramp, a mountain bike loop on the trails at Raccoon Mountain, and finally riding back down the mountain to finish at The Tennessee River Place.

This is from the Pangorge website
Do you like dirt? Do you like water? Are you a multi-sport athlete? Do you have what it takes to be crowned King or Queen of the Gorge? We think you do, but we’ve heard that from a lot of folks now. Somebody has got to be sorely mistaken. Time to put your mud where your mouth is. Pangorge 2014 will define the region’s most elite multi-sport adventure athletes while highlighting the Tennessee River Gorge as Chattanooga’s greatest eco-recreational asset. Come on out November 22. Let’s see what you’ve got under the hood…

Here is the race map
Pangorge map

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