Signal Mountain Leaf Pickup

Leaf season is nearly upon us. The Town will begin thefirst round of leaf pickup thefirst week of November. This year we will begin in Area 3, the northeast quadrant of town and work in a clockwise direction as we normally do.Signs will be posted that read “Leaf pickup in this area next” to let you know when your area will be picked up Leaf pickup signs are typically posted in the latter part of the first round, approximately one week before pickup begins in that area. Please place loose leaves at the curbside before your area is scheduled for the next pick-up to ensure they are notmissed. A map of the pickup areas will be posted on the Town’s web site.

Each area takes approximately two weekto complete. However, issues such as weather, equipment problems and labor force may prolong pickup times. You may see leaf trucks out in various locations over the next few weeks. Thiswill be training for new employees. The first official round will begin November 1. The crews collecting leaves are the samecrews that are responsible for maintaining the Town rights-of-way. The faster we can get the leaves collected, the sooner these crews can return to their normal duties. Brush pick up will be kept at a minimum during leaf season.

Consider backyard composting and mulching as itis great for the lawn and the environment.

Loose leaves should be placed at the curb in a pile, separate frombrush and other yard waste. (This could damage the leaf machine.) All leavesmust be away fromutility poles, mailboxes, or other structures, and must not block drainage ditches or curbside drainage. For safety reasons, leaves must not hinder traffic nor block travel lanes.Also, if you live at an intersection, keep leaves away fromthe intersecting street. Wet or frozen leaves are slick and can make it difficult to stop.

Please call the Public Works Department at 423-886-2177 (option 2) for questions and comments.

Do Not Reply-Address any questions or comments to

Map-Leaf Pick-up Areas

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